Children`s Dentistry

Our practice firmly believes that to achieve excellent oral health, proper dental habits must be developed at an early age. We have treated children of all ages and we make every effort to make their visits fun, enjoyable and stress-free.

By helping children understand the importance of good dental habits and oral care, they are more likely to maintain optimum oral health for the rest of their life.

Kids as young as 3 years old come to our practice for regular checkups and cleanings. Not only does this help them develop good dental habits but it also ensures any potential tooth and gum problems are diagnosed and treated early.

To make your child’s dental visit a positive experience and one that he or she will look forward to every time, here are some tips to remember:

Before Your Child’s First Visit

  • Share your own positive dental experiences with him or her.
  • Find videos, books and articles that will help your child become familiarized and comfortable with the dentist and his tools.
  • Take your child for a virtual office tour by showing him our website.

What Happens During Your Child’s First Visit?
Dr. Peterson will evaluate any adverse habits your child has such as thumb-sucking. He will also inspect your child’s mouth, particularly the gums and teeth. He will check for any signs of problems and may also recommend fluoride treatment if needed. Then, we will teach your child how to properly clean his or her teeth and gums. And finally, we will discuss your child’s oral care which includes regular dental checkups.