Teeth Whitening

Sparkling white teeth can give you a beautiful and confident smile.  Unfortunately, our teeth can darken over time. Certain beverages like coffee, tea and red wine; smoking; medications like tetracycline; aging; and diseases can lead to staining. This is why many people avail of our teeth whitening service.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that we offer here at Digital Dentistry of Sarasota to whiten the enamel of your teeth. The process uses a peroxide gel that is added to a tray and then placed over your teeth.

Your Teeth Whitening Options
If you require teeth whitening, you have two options: in-office and at-home whitening. The type of whitening we will recommend will depend on the cause of your discoloration and the degree of whitening required. For example, if the cause is medication like tetracycline, we will recommend an in-office treatment because it provides deep bleaching and is therefore more appropriate for deep stains.

At-Home Teeth Whitening
With our at-home teeth whitening system, you’ll be needing 10-15 treatments depending on your desired results. The kit includes a whitening tray and 10% carbamide peroxide solution. Once you have achieved the shade you want, you can get a touch-up treatment once or twice a year to keep your teeth sparkling white.

In-Office Whitening
If you have deep teeth stains, in-office whitening is the best option for you. We will apply a powerful whitening gel on your teeth to remove stubborn stains. But before the gel is applied, we will apply a protective cream over the soft tissues and gums. Then after the application of the gel, we will use laser to speed up the whitening process. Depending on the severity of the stains, in-office whitening may require more than a single visit to give you the results you want.