First Visit

Dr. Peterson and his team serve patients of all ages. On your initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination and our professional hygienist will do a thorough but gentle cleaning of your teeth and gums.

Oral Exam
The comprehensive exam includes evaluating your soft tissues and gums. We will take X-rays and intra-oral photographs to accurately diagnose problems and recommend the best treatment options. Dr. Peterson will also perform an oral cancer screening.

If you have any extensive dental needs, you’ll be scheduled for another appointment so we can give you an in-depth treatment plan presentation.

Dental Cleaning
Clean and healthy teeth and gums are essential for proper oral health. Our dental hygienist will do a gentle yet thorough cleaning leaving your teeth fresh, sparkling and free from debris and bacteria. With a thorough cleaning, we can restore the health of your teeth and gums and even eliminate early signs of gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis which can lead to tooth, bone and gum loss.

Emergency Visits
If you are being seen on an emergency basis, we will take the necessary x-rays and Dr. Peterson will perform a limited evaluation of your condition to diagnose your immediate needs and relieve your discomfort through emergency treatment. You will then be scheduled for follow up appointments as deemed necessary.


  • If you have any current X-rays (from another dental office), please bring them with you during your appointment or have them forwarded to our office as they can help in our diagnosis.
  • We will also need a copy of your insurance card and your driver’s license on your first visit.
  • For patients under 18 years old, they need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their initial consultation.
  • If you have any medical condition such as (but not limited to) high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatic fever, artificial heart valves and artificial joints, please inform our office before undergoing any dental treatment. If you are taking any medications, please mention this crucial information to us as well.